Choosing an Appropriate Site

The first consideration of any display should be location.

How much space will I need?

As much as possible.

Category F2 - Garden Fireworks – present a low hazard and are intended for outdoor use in areas such as small gardens – state a minimum
Category F3 – Display Fireworks – present a medium hazard, which are intended for outdoor use in large open areas such as large gardens or even a field.

• Category F3 (garden display fireworks) state a minimum safety distance of 25m from spectators. 

 The majority of our fireworks are in this category. During testing, we have felt some effects do not warrant the minimum 25m (75 feet), whilst others require a larger minimum distance, more like 40m (120 feet). Because there is NO CATEGORY between Garden and Display, any firework with a "fallout" of more than 5m must be labelled as a Display Firework. From past experience, few people actually follow these guidelines - many, especially in built-up areas do not have a 25m (75 feet) garden and it is risky for obvious reasons. Thus if you MUST BUY a bigger firework, see our minimum recommended distance and our extra safety tips for areas less than 25m (75 feet).

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O.K, so you have your minimum 25m (75 feet) distance between the nearest firework and spectators, but you've stuck the fireworks right against your neighbours fence. In this case, make your neighbours fully aware of the potential danger, a polite note does not go a miss, but why not invite them for drink - that way, you're more likely to get less complaints in the morning.

“There's NO WAY I'll have 25m (75 feet) safety distance, more like 15m (45 feet), but I must have some good display fireworks, rather than your small garden fireworks". One suggestion some of our customers have used: Fire the fireworks from a neighbours garden and watch it in your own, or possibly where you have a small house, have your friends stand in the front garden, house in the middle and fire the fireworks in the back garden over and away from the house. For restricted sites, where there is insufficient space for debris, do not use large rockets, remember - what goes up must come down.


Allow for a "fallout area" for the spent fireworks in the downwind direction.

The audience should be on the opposite side to the "fallout area" from the firing area. For smaller sites, careful selection of garden and display fireworks is essential.

Where's the best site? A clear and well-mown area, free from obstructions, well away from any building, trees and hazards like overhead cables.

There should be no slope in the firing area.

An ideal location should have many safe entrances and exits as possible


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