Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to order over the internet?

No. You can call our office number on 0208 896 2866 and talk to one of our sales staff or make an appointment. Our sales staff can take your payment details when you call us. Alternatively, Email Us your requirements.

How do I pay for my fireworks?

Make an appointment at our retail showroom and stand by to be impressed by the choice available to you. If you like what you see, we'll help you plan a safe display and have the display ready to take away within minutes.

What's the best way to buy?

Our sales staff can take your payment details when you call us on 0208 8962866.

How quickly can you deliver my fireworks?

We can deliver 90% of orders within 72 hours to most parts of mainland Britain. For ALL urgent orders, please call office on 0208 896 2866

What are your delivery charges?

Our firework prices do not include delivery charges. There is a minimum carriage charge of £18.00 + Vat on an entire order. This means delivery is charged once only and not on every firework you purchase.

Can I collect my fireworks from your London showroom?

Reserve and Collect FREE* from our London depot - 48 hours notice required to process online orders.
*Reserve and collect charge of £12 applies between 26 October - 14 November, 21 December - 7 January.

Do I need insurance?

Most household policies include £1 million of public liability insurance, but please check your policy or email us for a quote.

What if it rains?

Provided you have kept your fireworks dry, by placing them in plastic bags when you set them up, this shouldn't be a problem. However, windy conditions can make firing a display hazardous and we would advise not to go ahead if it is any more than breezy.

Are they safe?

All our DIY fireworks conform to the British Standard, BS 7114, which require fireworks to be quality tested prior to sale, to have adequate delay fuses prior to ignition, and to have labels with clear descriptions, warning and instructions.

How should I prepare?

We can supply full instructions, firing order and equipment requirements with all our fireworks if sufficient time is given. We recommend you order and open your pack in good time, check its contents and plan your display prior to firing. On the day, set out the display, preferably in daylight. Keep everything well protected from wet weather by covering with bin liners and stand by to impress your guests!