Adverse Weather Conditions

When should you consider postponing the display?

One of the few things outside everyone's control is the WIND. If the wind is any more than moderately
high, you should consider postponing the display. Much will also depend upon how big your site and the
available "fallout area" is. Please contact us to discuss your options.

REMEMBER - Make sure that the wind and the display are angled away from spectators.
A sudden change of wind could cause aerial fireworks to fall dangerously among spectators. In windy
weather conditions, the operator could fire one small rocket, as a sighting shot. He should be able to
follow the trail of the rocket up carefully, and watch for the burst of stars, and thus be able to see the stick
and case fall to the ground. He can then make any necessary corrections in the direction of the fireworks.
In very windy weather, you should consider putting off the display altogether, however disappointing that
might be.

Rain on the other hand is not a problem. We would recommend bringing out the fireworks one at a time
and lighting them. If the fireworks and fuses are kept dry, the firework will be light.